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Coopération LEADER

Coopération LEADER : Vous cherchez un partenaire ou souhaitez diffuser largement une offre de coopération

Le Réseau européen de développement rural (REDR)  met à votre disposition une liste d’offres de coopération pour faciliter la recherche de partenaires.

Pour transmettre une offre de coopération à l’ENRD :

  1. Téléchargez et remplissez le formulaire (https://enrd.ec.europa.eu/leader-clld/partner-search_fr)
  2. Transmettre le formulaire à contact@enrd.eu.

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Source : ENRD


Un territoire rural turc recherche un partenaire pour une coopération entre GAL.

Ce territoire souhaite candidater à un appel à proposition de l'UE "Civil society".

La date limite est au 17/09.

Demande de coopération

I am writing this text about LEADER project which we are currently preparing. A LEADER association set up in Ayas will apply for it. The content of the project will cover preparation of strategic plan, training to members of Leader group, study visits and becoming member for international network for Leader. Can I ask you if you could share some LEADER groups which can involve in our project?

You can find detail information about the programme from below link.


The association was set up at the beginning of this year. Ankara is one of the 10 selected pilot provinces for LEADER. The LEADER association has not been accredited if I am not wrong. So, local strategic document of the LEADER association have not been prepared because of the late accreditation.

The governor of Ayas district is the head of association. There are also two other LEADER association in Ankara, which are located in two different districts. If the project is accepted, french LAGs show best practices, some experts will give training on how to prepare strategy, some study trips etc. We have also a contact with a directeur of a LEADER group in Hungary. He will also be contacted for a possible cooperation.

The concept note need to be submitted until September 17. I will give more detailed information.


Coskun Serefoglu


En Turquie

- Mr Coskun Serefoglu, Ph.D.

Head of Business Development and Strategy Unit at Ankara Development Agency

Ankara Development Agency


En France

- Mrs ALLALI Hanane

Policy Officer LEADER and Local Development Strategies

Territorial Actions and Services to local Government UNIT

Ministère de l'Agriculture et de l'Alimentation