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Les GALs se retrouvent à Vilnius pour une conférence sur la coopération transnationale "le réseau ça marche !"

Résumé : 

Un rendez vous à ne pas manquer pour les GALs, du 12 au 14 septembre 2017 à Vilnuis en Lituanie, une conférence sur la coopération transnationale sur le thème : "le réseau ça marche !"

Les GALs qui souhaitent participer à cet évènement doivent impérativement s'inscrire avant le 18 août sur cette page.

Pour en savoir plus sur cette conférence, toutes les informations sont ici !

Pour plus de renseignements, merci de contacter : Jolanta.Vaiciuniene@zum.lt


Ci-dessous l'invitation en anglais :

Dear LEADER friends, Colleagues,

We have a pleasure to announce that the registration for the Transnational LAG conference “Networking Works!” to be held in Vilnius, Lithuania on 12–14 September 2017 IS NOW OPEN!

Please share this information with your LAGs, NSU, Managing Authority colleagues and other interested. THANK YOU!

Official invitation will be sent these days (when the Minster of Agriculture signs it).

All information (Programme, LAG tours, Practical information, etc.) about the event is published on the Lithuanian Rural Networks (NRN) web page: http://www.kaimotinklas.lt/en/

Please do not forget to register before 18th August via the link provided on the NRN web page: http://www.kaimotinklas.lt/lt/lkt-informuoja/registracija-i-tarptautine-vvg-konferencija-registration-to-the-tnc-conference-2017-09-12-14

We kindly remind you that we would appreciate Your support during the conference (Please inform about your willingness to contribute):

  1. By giving 10 min presentations of requirements for TNC projects in your countries (guidelines for TNC requirements attached). Please confirm whether you can make this (there is also a question about this in the registration form);
  1. By contributing to workshops with mini presentations (2-3) about cooperation projects illustrating the theme of the workshop (guidelines for project presentation attached). This can be done either by a LAG, NSU, etc.;
  1. We give some ,,homework” for LAGs, too as we wish a more fruitful conference. There is a template for project/partner search published in the website and in the registration form. We would appreciate if a LAG fills it in before the conference/during registration. This would help to match the LAGs of the similar interest together (Project/ partner search template attached).

Please be reminded that accommodation and travel costs to Lithuania are at participants’ own charge (more information can be found on the website file ,,Practical information”: hotels, transport, etc.). We did not make any reservations for hotels. Do not wait! There are many events in Vilnius during the week of the conference, e. g. NATIONS’ FAIR http://www.vilnius-events.lt/en/event/nations-fair-2017